Anki Bankruptcy

This is a quick update on my Anki usage after my finals were over.


After 646 consecutive days of Anki, I'll have to start my All deck anew.

The past 6 months I have focused mainly on college, my research and work, due to this I did not have much in terms of material to memorize except that which is needed for college. So my performance for my curated deck has fallen drastically, not to mention that the subjects I used to study back then are receiving no actual use today so the memory I'm barely keeping up is not even useful to me.

What's next?

I'll simply suspend most of my cards except those relating to Arabic poetry and Clojure. Any other material would need to enter an evaluation phase before being re-learned.


About 91% of my cards have now been suspended. I might setup a process where I go by each topic and either archive or delete the cards with the later being the more likely outcome.

The topics I expect to see are:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Computer Science

I have to be careful as not to fall into a sunk costs' fallacy where I keep review cards just because I spent time making them or have studied them in the past.