My Nix Journey

The Appeal

  • Single configuration to rule them all.

The problems

  • Nix language has a learning curve but that's okay.

The Good


I can not recall an incident where I asked in a community channel such as Matrix and was met with silence or discouragement, everyone is supportive and helpful.

The Missing Parts


The Nix documentation is lackluster at best and non-existent at worse.

One of the worst offenders is the VFIO page which just points to the Arch wiki which would be great for any other distribution but not much for NixOS. The accompanying gist is well

I was lucky to stumble upon a tutorial that used Flakes as my first introduction into Nix, I only discovered later the mess with nix-env and friends, all lacking proper docs or a mention in the official documentation.

Warning: unfinished (but successfull!)